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Friends i would just like to ask that whether PPC is good or Email marketing ?

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Shouldn't this have been asked over in the PPC forum? They're both so different that it's hard to compare these two marketing efforts. With email, you will have either built up a list of subscribers, bought a list, or paid to appear on a email/newsletter someone else sends out. Generally, with a PPC model, you bid on keywords relevant to the target market you are trying to reach.

So, what's best for you is going to depend on many factors: your marketing budget, your target audience, what you're trying to accomplish with your campaign, etc.

Both have their own importance and have very fast outputs specially PPC is very helpful to get good business and traffic on your website in very short period.

PPC is a part of search engine marketing and email marketing is a part of internet marketing process. Both are paid in which PPC is costlier than email marketing while email marketing if done successfully, huge direct traffic your site can get.

Don't really hear much about PPC as much as email marketing. You may or may not take this as an indication of success, but the most popular strategy isn't always the best and most effective.

E-mail Marketing is not so much effective today.Because in PPC, people are seeking out your product or service since they clicked on your ad. In that case PPC should be more effective as the person is ready to purchase.

Both are having Different advantages in ref of SEO. E-Mail marketing Keeps Update your Customer Base about your latest Products.

PPC is better then email marketting.....

PPC is better

PPC can provide you better results than Email Marketing.

dear email marketing is the best part in which you can give the update of your site to your customers

if you need more unique visitors immediately then PPC is a good one.

I whould not choose between them I whould say the best way is to use both PPC and email-marketing

I will sugget you to go through with PPC rather than Email-marketing..

PPC and email there is a lot of difference between PPC is like a Pay per click and email marketing give the traffic in PPC you can find the best traffic short time

While PPC will drive traffic and potential sales to your site it can be costly. E-mail marketing still has excellent potential so if you have a good list already then new products, upsales and general contact and information for your base will work in this realm.

PPC can deliver you web traffic for only a stipulated period of time and it has its own costs involved but email marketing is best suited for increasing traffic for a long term if done properly and it's cost will be less compared to PPC, so i prefer email marketing

PPC is used for aquisition; Driving traffic to your site which a portion is then converted to customers. Email is used for retention; retargeting your customers based on acquisition channel, type of purchase, specified time frame, observed behavior, etc to up-sell or cross-sell more goods/services. They work together and are both good. PPC is just the first step in the strategy.

Since both are used for reaching to the intended targeted customers, so both are good if you have list of valid email subscribers then you must go for email marketing, otherwise you should go for PPC, but the best way would be to make visitors reach your website through organic searches so better would be to go for SEO.

Now a days worth of email marketing going low.i think ppc is better.

PPC is costly as compare to E-mail marketing. I suggest email marketing dear.

Why can't you use both? It's always a great thing to have a well rounded marketing campaign. I agree with what everone else says in that PPC can be more costly, but can produce more new leads, while email marketing would be a good way to touch existing leads every so often.

Both have their own imprtance.

In email marketing you have to built a list of people by yourself. You can send offers through people to that targetting list.

Where as Pay per click is a paid marketing. Mainly Pay per click are the ads that we used to see on the top of google search page. Pay per click is costly in the beginning but it works.

According to me PPC is best for the business promotion. this is best way to improve business listing and visibility by location based area. Google Adword is the best place to shat PPC.

I am not much sure about the email marketing get much traffic to the website.
PPC is a part of search engine marketing and email marketing is a part of internet marketing process.PPC and Email marketing both are paid channels for advertisements, but ppc is the best option to get traffic to the website.

Dani is correct. Marketing needs to be well rounded. What many many people fail to realize is that PPC is nothing short of renting traffic to a website. Sure if you have a huge budget then quality PPC will get you a ton of traffic and some might even return to your website long after your PPC campaign expires (if the content is worth visiting again).

However email marketing when done in a non-spammy way which promotes user interaction is far more effective for building return traffic. If you form a mailing list and can provide quality content which keeps people visiting your website then you will keep them coming back.

For a business success , have to do both email and ppc marketing .

PPC extends to Pay-Per-Click, In PPC a advertiser or a business person pays some amount of money to google to show his website at the top of the results page. After showing his website at the top it will come up as ad and here it's starts the process of PPC, when a customer click this Ad the advertiser who is the owner of the site must pay some amount to the Google.

All this process done through online. So when for one click you need to pay for it. This is the process of PPC where you spend some budget for your website marketing.

And now cominig coming to email marketing

Email Marketing is a process where you promote your products or services through email to your trageted customers. In this email marketing you can develop your relationship with your audience and clients by sending your Blog posts, New arrivals, Offers and more useful information to customers by emails. It is easy to send through email ratheer than sending by postal letters or mobile messages. This process of sending emails to your target customers are free.

PPC is better than E- mail marketing ...

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