For my work, I am making a web application for our intranet that will query our accounts, and based on the input, will pull out the appropriate contact's email address to send a pre-scripted message.

I can't seem to find a good answer on the net, but my question is: What is better for the mail server as far as not overloading it?

-to send the email in bulk (will be about 100-200 recipients)?


-to queue them one by one in a loop? and if so, should I program some sort of delay?

Any help would be much appreciated



i would run some tests on your email server and see. however I would have to guess that one message with lots of recipients would be much better

Just a follow up here:

We didn't want all our contact's email addresss grouped together, so the emails were queued one by one with a one second delay between them. There are no images or anything in the email, so the one second delay was plenty.

Thanks for your reply, campkev.