i have experience in php but i need to persue my career in JSP. Anybody suggect the site where i get jsp freelance project. i am ready to project free also.i have very good knowledge in j2ee application(swing.struts,ejb,javabeans) and have very good knowledge in web technology.

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as a freelancer you'll never get a job without experience in your chosen field.
So do some projects on your own expense first to learn, then maybe try for joining some open source venture as a contributor, and then you might consider trying to state you know JSP on your resume when you submit it.

I seriously doubt you have any decent experience in the technologies you mention without having used JSP, as they're intricately linked.
You either need to lie more convincingly or start telling the actual truth. The latter will be better for your career in the long run as people aren't going to hire you to do something you can't and remember you as an incompetent person they'll tell all their colleagues and friends to avoid.


is there any one to reply to me

Let me guess your question and answer it , No you are not going to get here free customized jsp project with good documentation which you can submit as your final year degree project and get very good marks ,etc.

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hai, there are any one to help me in jsp projects...
or any download in jsp online examination...


>>hai, there are any one to help me in jsp projects...
Maybe if you explain what you working on in detail, provide necessary coding etc.

>>or any download in jsp online examination...
Internet is full of code sample so if you want to cheat go ahead and google it.

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