Hi guys,

So what according to you is the best link building strategy or technique to work on these days which is working now.

My pick is for contextual links from guest post / outreach. Any other apart from this.

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I unfortunately haven’t had much success with guest post / outreach. Backlinks just don’t affect my SEO as much nowadays.

Now I’m focusing more on creating more content on my own site and I’ve found it moves the needle a lot more.

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I don’t focus on specific on page keywords as DaniWeb is nearly all user generated content so it’s not like I can explain keyword density to forum members.

I’ve found that what moves the needle the most is just creating a steady supply of long form content. (Eg longer pages with more content per page, and higher frequency of new content).

In other words, at times when DaniWeb tends to get more new topics and posts created as a result of a PPC campaign, hiring a staff writer to contribute a solid article or two, or even me just putting more effort into focusing on replying to questions, the direct result tends to be more organic traffic across the entire site. (Not necessarily the new content just created).

When doing blogger outreach, I focused mostly on branded keywords. Eg “DaniWeb”.

Creating quality content on a continuous basis has outperformed building backlinks for me in terms of organic. This was not always the case. Links carried much more weight back in 2005-2010. Wow, that was a decade ago!

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See Guest posting is the best way to boost your keyword ranking and organic traffic. It's still useful in 2020 also. If you are looking for more effective strategies, then I will suggest doing followings:

• Broken Link Building
• E-mail Outreach
• Business Listing/ Directory submission
• Social media sharing

These are some extra ways I want to mention, and yah quality content will always give you extra benefits. So keep posting quality content. Thanks.

vishnuvis, I've been doing SEO for twenty years. Feel free to ask me anything :)

20 years is amazing. I think you need to write a detail post on how SEO changed all these years, will be helpful for those who are starting now.

Regarding outreach, I just take website related to our niche. For ex, if its tech niche, then I will do a random keyword search like best apps stuff & get blogs which are ranking & then take emails from the site & reach out to them personally. Ahrefs tool is usefull in this stuff, for mails I am using Hunter extension

Yeah, I used to use Ahrefs as well. Blog outreach really is just a numbers game. As far as how SEO changed, I can say it in just one word: backlinks. You used to be able to rank really well just based on backlinks regardless of quality, footer links, etc.

All possible link building methods have already been listed here, but I will add one more.
Recently I saw an interesting article.
They are talking about Link Bait. The examples show how high-quality content with links can attract many backlinks.
Most interesting is that these links were natural.
People themselves referred to them.
It will be interesting to you.https://www.seoquake.com/blog/link-bait-10-effective-examples/"

Thanks for that Seoquake guide.

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Backlink is important for rank in google. Without backlink it is very hard to get rank in google. Best backlinks are from guest posts, but if someone cannot get Guest posts then they can create profile backlinks as well as forum backlinks and many other ways.

I didn't even think about spam. I just wanted to help. And deleted. It's a shame.

A moderator not familiar with the SEO industry deleted it. I’ve reversed the deletion. Sorry about that.

Well According to me 2 most prominent strategies now a days:-
1-Web 2.0
2-Forum Submissions

According to me do Web 2.0 and Forums plus classifieds these thinks are more affactive.

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