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For example:
If I post in postman instead of Id a parameter it will work fine ,
But in html I’m asking the user for an input and than I want to pass the input in the path instead of the Id
Is it possible ? Only spring boot and html .

Thanks in advance

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I'm not quite sure what you're trying to accomplish, but would using something like Swagger work?

Swagger is a JSON file that essentially documents your API, and then there are a handful of different Swagger tools that let you feed in that JSON file, and then they spit out documentation, example code in various languages, etc.

For example, the DaniWeb Connect API swagger file looks like this:

By passing that file in, you can then use the Swagger UI here:

Notice that it lets you pass parameters and generate responses on the fly.

Is this something like what you're trying to accomplish?

Sarahle, please reply to the topic instead of commenting on the post. :)

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Thank you . and im sorry :) im new here and ive got confused! thanks.
any wasy . for this topic i understood my error .
i passed a request pram insted of pathvarible and it worked fine .. thank you :)

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