hi.. i need to create an input page wherein a user needs to select from a dropdown box,either single or multiple.. if the user selects single, a java function, wherein values are coming from the database, showing the values in a multiple dropdown box enabling the user to select one from the listed values..this selection should display in the same page.. and if they chose multiple, it should still be displayed in the same page, but the values are displayed in a multiple dropdown box wherein the user can select multiple values and copy/remove it to/from another dropdown box still in the same page..

i'm writing codes using dreamweaver and the database backend is sql server 2000.. i tried using onChange event in the select tag inside the form codes, but it only returns one event, and i needed to be able to view two different functions from the onChange event.. and that is where i'm really lost.. coz i tried to create a function which encloses the same contents of my form by using document.write and i can see that it just makes my set of codes longer and i have to write document.write for every line..:?:

please, please, please i hope there is someone with a kind heart to help me solve this problem..all responses are greatly appreciated.. and thanks in advance..:confused: