i m opening rthe project in visual interdev when at the time server mode
it shows message that
which server u want to connect
i m writning p4 my computer and also localhost it does not correct so i cannot work in interdev what shouled i do
if i want to know my ip address how i would know
i m also tries ipconfig

To do that use ping command in dos shell:
1. open command prompt/ms dos
2. type ping localhost
now u will get ur ip address


narmally the default IP for window is :

and you can also find the your IP by this:

If you want to see your settings, in Windows 95/98 try the following:
Go to Start/Run and do the command


That will bring up a network screen with your values.

Windows 2000 you can go to a DOS prompt and do:

Go to Start/Run and CMD then ipconfig