So I have a client that is looking at having a calendar page but has certain criteria:

* Calendar with options to select different cities
* Searchable within a certain radius based on a Zip Code searches
* Admin interface to approve posts
* Perhaps a way to charge visitors a fee to post on the site
* Some other features like ease of use for visitors would be nice too.

Is there anything out there like this? He is looking for something basically to have all these different states and cities with listings. I have searched Hot Scripts [dot] com and have found some decent php mods but nothing really that nails what he's looking for.

Any ideas? I'm almost sure that I'm going to have to write this myself, but trying to avoid that if something already existssmile

You may have to do some custom coding on that one.

Only advice I can give is to try and stick with the calendar Protocol that google calendar uses. Cant remember what its called but its the most widely adopted. Believe it was first used by Apple -

Heres a search that may help:

It shows mashups created with Gmaps API and Google Calendar API...

Theres quite a few scripts out there for generating what you want with the zip codes. I had worked on one I while back and will see If I still have it on my box.
I remember I got the Data from USPS website though I believe you can get it at alot of other sources. Its best to host your own zip-code Database. Using an API such as Google geocoding API would take too long.. even the zip code search locally takes a few seconds (depending on how well you write the class - ie: how good your math is)

You'll have to be careful which zip-code database you use however, some are totally off and give awkward results...

hope that starts you off :)

just a warning. Alot of sites sell zipcode databases, but its nothing you cant get from free sources...