I am new to web development as well as ASP.Net....I am trying to design and a develope a web UI....in which I have two HTML <a href tags> If I click one of the item I should get one ASPX page and if I click another tag it should display same ASPX page but different controls.

for example :
I have 1 aspx page with two buttons Button1 and Button2 (Web Server controls)
And two html hyper links
<a Href = "abc.aspx"> Item 1 <a>
<a Href = "abc.aspx"> Item 2 <a>

when I click on Item 1 aspx page should display only button1 and when click on Item 2 aspx page should display only Button2

Pease help how can I do this.
Thanks in advance

<a Href = "abc.aspx?item=1"> Item 1 <a>
<a Href = "abc.aspx?item=2"> Item 2 <a>
private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
    Button1.Visible = false;
    Button2.Visible = false;
    string item = Request.QueryString["item"];
    if(item == "1")
        Button1.Visible = true;

    if(item == "2")
        Button2.Visible = true;