Hello Everyone,

I am looking for an SEO-friendly CMS program. Until now I have built my sites the old traditional way. (Plain HTML editor).
The new site I am about to launch will be massive and cannot be managed without a decent CMS program.

I am not looking for a free CMS, but rather a company that has an SEO-friendly CMS and that provides support if needed.

Your feedback will be highly appreciated.

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Hi, Timra,
I am develloping a seo friendly content management system, because i could not find one. If the site is that massive why don't you devellop your own dedicted solution?


I've heard a lot of good things about MODx CMS and Symfony. I haven't personally used either, but I know several people who have who swear by them - especially Symfony.


You should look into X-cart. I recently helped out a client that bought the CMS and it had modules so that the url's and title tags are consist to the catagories. Very nice and very helpful when it comes to Search engine optimization.

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