I have recently started free domain name service <snip>. I used turnkey redirection script. My script uses php with SQL 4 . My hosting Uses sql 5. I face problem while installing. Can anybody give a solution

What exactly is the problem? Any errors?

Hi ,
i am trying to retrieve a row of data from a SQL table,but i dont get the results,i just get the variable($stock_code) that i use to search for the row on the screen.

include "dbaccess.php";

// Insert the required SQL query here.

$result = submitSQL($query, "read", 0, 0);      

for ($i = 0; $i < count($result['STOCK_CODE']); $i++) { 
// The for loop is used to display one result per row. 
// Preferably use a key field for the count.
// Note: The fieldname must be UPPERCASE

    // The next two lines are optional and are used only to help document the table structure
        // in the resulting HTML code.
    $row_number = $i + 1; 

    // For each row of SQL output, create a row in an HTML table and then
    // add a data element for each field as required.
    // Notes: 1. The \n additions are only to clean up the appearance of the HTML code
    //           but do not affect operation hence they are also optional.
    //        2. The lines that contain $result need to have the appropriate field names
    //           in them in UPPERCASE. 

    echo "<tr>\n";
    echo "<td>";
    echo $result['STOCK_CODE'][$i];
    echo "</td>\n<td>";
    echo $result['STOCK_NAME'][$i];
    echo "</td>\n<td>";
    echo $result['PRICE'][$i];
    echo "</td>\n";
    echo $result['QUANTITY_AVAILABLE'][$i];
    echo "</td>\n";
    echo "</tr>\n";


Any suggestions???:(