hi all,
i am doing a project in ASP.NET using MySQL as my backend. I am just a beginner to .net. can you help me by telling how to insert data into Mysql from asp.net.expecting your early reply. please provide the coding also

Thanks,that was a boosting reply. I tried it out and i found the solution too. Actually i created a file named conn.vb, and in that i created a class file where the connection was declared. I had problems when executing the odbc command mainly in this line "cmd.executenonquery()". but i found a solution too.

One more doubt, i am doing a project regarding sms. Here i want to send message from my pc to mobile and get back the reply from the mobile using some gsm modems. Can we do this kind of process in ASP.NET or do you want me to shift to VB.NET. The main thing is, can we write codings in ASP.NET which connects my pc to some gsm modems.