Working on a website here and found this extremely useful script that I love at

It's a menu on the left side that allows you to click on the link and has it drop down submenus with a max of five submenus (pretty flexible I'd say). I went ahead and set it up for my website and it works perfect on Firefox.. no hitches or anything. But... IE 6.0 I can not figure out the problem. It IS a cross-compatible script and their demo works perfect on both, but somewhere along the lines of transferring I missed something that I need to do and I can't for the life of me figure it out.

DEMO Page:

My Webpage:

My Javascript:

My CSS pages that are relevant:

menuStyles.css is commented out at the top because I didn't want it. Also:

             margin:0 auto; 
             background-color: #FFF; 
             border-left:1px solid #000; 
             border-right:1px solid #000; 
             width: 520px; 

-------------IS NOT Referenced in my main page so essentially shouldn't be there but I haven't cleaned up yet.------------

If you'd like a small webpage challenge, here ya go.. otherwise thanks anyway!

It appears to be working in IE7.

I can't check it in IE6 because Microsoft tricked me into installing IE7 as an update.

Yep I fixed this problem.. sorry for not mentioning it. Now I'm having a different problem but have a nother topic opened for it.

Thanks though!!