I'm sure this is easy, but I'm seeming to have a brainfart or something and can't find any ways to do this....

I have a gridview, which is displaying data from an objectdatasource/tableadapter. One of the columns in the gridview is a UserID. Instead of displaying the UserID, I want to display the corresponding Username from another objectdatasource based on that UserID. I swear I need to do something in the itemtemplate, but I'm not seeing it. Can someone point me in the right direction?


If you are using the GUI to make your object data source then you will need to write a custom sql script to join the 2 tables on the user id so the username field will be available in your grid view

Thanks, that's what I was afraid of. Can't I do something in the gridview or row binding or something, too?

select * from table1 t1 join t2 on t1.userID = t2.userID

when you are making your data source just use the write your own sql query option, it isnt rocket science! be not afraid!

Unless you're stuck with someone else's DAL, that is. ;)

You can write custom code to get the value, but it's a serious pain in the behind and isn't actually binding. You have to write custom code in the onItemDataBound event, I believe.

If you can write your own query, it's a LOT simpler.

Thanks all...yes, I can write my own query, and that's what I ended up doing. I was just trying to abstract it out as much as possible, without having to make custom queries, stored procs, etc. for each different thing I wanted to display. I think I've done stuff before with the onItemDataBound event or something like it, so maybe I'll look into that again. Thanks again!

You don't have to display every column you select.
I use views with a bunch of columns as my datasource, and they work for several different grids.