Hi peeps.

My main reason for coming here is to ask for a little help, coding wise. Now i`m not sure what specific rules you have for requesting help so please don`t get on my back if i do something wrong.

With that said,

I`ve been trying to code a custom log-in script, but i just end up tearing my hair off.

What i want is a log in script that allows manuall adding (by admin), and leads to a secure page. The accounts can be set to expire after 30,60,90 days or unlimited. It also has to log the users IP`s and how often they log in.

I`m just 19 years old, and fresh in th internet business. I`ve worked with a bit basic HTML and PHP but not nearly enough to complete such a script.

Is there a kind soul around that would consider doing such a thing?


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