Hi all. I am currently a final year Multimedia design student and am creating a website for a band for my university project. I wanted to incorporate a 'Bebo' type comments page where the band members could log on and leave comments about where they are and what they are doing when they get the chance to. It serves the purpose of a blog in a sense but makes it a little more interesting and modern.

I would just like to know how to go about this? I really don't have a clue :sad:

any help would be greatly appreciated :cheesy:


the easiest way is to setup a database if you have access, create a form that sends the login information from the session

$ARG['userid'] = $_SESSION['userid']';
$ARG['write'] = $_SESSION['level'];

or something, and then in your php use something like

$sql = "SELECT * FROM notes WHERE `userid` = '".$ARG['userid'].'" ORDER BY noteDate DESC;

if you have a database setup in that fashion, it will pull out all the notes for that individual. Then you use either a foreach or for, while or do{}while loop to output the data. even a nested if statement if you like...