I'm trying to make a manager that works with MySQL to create, delete and update classes in a database. I'm having trouble with the update/modify portion. I have a login page in HTML that has the action of manager.php, which shows a list of all the classes in the database and allows the user to check some checkboxes to modify or delete the selected classes. When I check some classes and try to modify them, the information is passed to the $_SESSION superglobal. When I run the update commands on the modify page, I use unset() to unset the class variables in $_SESSION. But when I go back and try to select other classes, I get both the ones I just checked and the ones that I chose previously. I'm pretty new to PHP, please help. I have the code posted here in .txt format:


Yeah, I know PHPMyAdmin does the same thing (and a little more), but I'm working on it for my boss, who isn't too computer savvy, so it has to be fool-proof :confused: Thanks for the post, it's been driving me nuts! :mad: