Yes. Available but the source code is not open like PHP. Only thing that comes close is the Mono project, from what I know anyways. I just wish someone in the Linux community made an IDE for PHP/Perl/Python as awesome as Visual Studio. In this area(IDEs), in my opinion, is where Microsoft always wins hands down.

The Zend IDE is pretty nice, the best I have been able to find yet.

I've tried the Zend Studio many times over the past couple of years I have been into PHP...

I've never fallen in love with it... and have always turned back to a standard text editor that I've used for a while now. :(

With the time and effort I've had to set up the Zend stuff on a windows system, and get MySQL running, etc., it has ended up being faster for me still to just edit, upload, refresh, edit, upload, refresh... :-|

I haven't tried it lately. (Zend) maybe I'll give it another shot... but the price... I haven't ever liked it nearly enough to drop $250 on it! I know feature-wise that it wins hands down, I've just never went crazy with a ton of features I never use. (IMHO ;))

PHP seems to still be gaining users, programmers, and worldwide recognition at an amazing pace, so maybe in the next year or so, we will see something new hit the market.... Hopefully Open Source!!! :D

...all available in ASP.NET for over 1 1/2 years!

Lol you are REALLY a microsoft advocate aren't you?

That would make sense after most of the posts I'm reading over. ;) <jk>

I'm sure not a huge microSlouch fan myself, but, chances are Bill Gates will someday run for President, win, and plug us all into some advanced MS terminal that resembles the pods on the Matrix. :eek::eek::eek:


:D I was referring to Tekmaven, i forgot to click "Quote Message in Reply"

I knew you were refering to Tekmaven... :) I was agreeing with you... ;)

PHP 5.0.0 Beta 2 released ;)

And yes, the new/improved features of PHP 5 is definitely mouthwatering :D

That would make sense after most of the posts I'm reading over. <jk>

I'm sure not a huge microSlouch fan myself, but, chances are Bill Gates will someday run for President, win, and plug us all into some advanced MS terminal that resembles the pods on the Matrix.


LOL Your really an Open Source Advocate are you? There are two sides the street. Your on one, I'm on the other. I totally respect that.

I can see why you love open source, and believe me, some of the best .NET tools are open source. But I feel the features of .NET go above and beyond anything thats in PHP right now. .NET is free, just like PHP. .NET is six times as much documented as PHP. .NET is supported by a respected company, and PHP is totally unsuported.

.NET only runs on Windows (well, until Mono finishes). Thats my only complaint. But, then again, its a Windows world. ;-).

Of course lots of non-open source stuff is great, such as Windows, etc. But, things like Linux, PHP, Apache, MySQL, Mozilla/Firebird, etc. are awesome too.

For me, for instance, I like PHP more than ASP, for one reason, because it's opensource :)

Why do I prefer programming in PHP than, because its a beautiful language and its a logical one. I found to be very powerful but not as fun to work with than PHP. I also enjoy the fact that it is a portable language and that there are free hosts and there is a very large friendly community.

nb: a good PHP IDE is Nusphere PHPED

I like ASP.NET better over PHP for many reasons, but this has to be one of the greatest: its more optimized. To get PHP to run at its most optimized form, you need to purchase the ZEND Optimizer. ASP.NET code is compiled to the .NET Framework, and its 100% optimized to the fullest out of the box.

ASP.NET can be written in any .NET language. Personally, I use C#, but its "all ends up looking the same". C# isn't better then VB.NET - its just different. Personally, I prefer it over VB.NET because of the closer relation with Java.

The syntax between VB.NET and C# is more similar compared to VB.NET and VB6. Most of the languages supported by .NET are OOP. The object oriented methodology has its uses, and I think doing everything, even the most miniscule task, in OOP is a waste. That's why I prefer doing some projects in PHP/ColdFusion than ASP.NET/J2SE.

Of course there are other reasons why I choose a certain language, but I don't want to get into another web language debate. =)

I think they decided to take out the feature of referencing functions through namespaces. You can sort of emulate this still as follows:

class Arithmetic{ 
 function add($n1, $n2){
  return $n1 + $n2;
 function subtract($n1, $n2){
  return $n1 - $n2;

echo Arithmetic::add(4,5)."<br/>";
echo Arithmetic::subtract(35,6);

Most of the languages supported by .NET are OOP.

I'm pretty sure that its a requirement to be OOP and run on .NET Framework. I could be wrong, I gotta look up how JScript.NET works.

How did I know you were going to respond to this? :p You can still program in C/C++ in a non-object oriented way. If it's ASP.NET however, then yeah, you're forced to, based on the four native languages MS supports. I heard a long time ago that they were working on Perl for .NET, but I don't know if it's true. Perl doesn't force you to OOP everything. I hate OOP in Perl anyways. ;)

Well, I love OOP, so I guess I'm in a good place.. ;-)

Actually, when I touch non-oop languages, I hate it :-(

The only thing I don't like about OOP is the time it takes in creating classes. To me, it's just tedious work but I know it pays off in the long run. For a while I was used to the procedural methodology from my Pascal days.

Ever try OOP in Perl? It's a train wreck... in my opinion anyways. ;)

Sorry to hijack this thread and turn it to .NET! Whoops! Anyways, PHP5 is going to be cool, if I want it to be or not ;-).

Lets keep this thread on topic!

I like it's try/catch features. It's something I always wanted in PHP. Add stronger type definition and the syntax looks like C++. Woohoo.

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