Anyway, i'm working on a PHP module for a CMS where if in the database a website user is either selected as, "GBP" or "EUR" in their Countries' currency field, a set of text is displayed. And if the users' currency is either, "USD" or "JPY", a different set of text is displayed.

I've got a query, selecting the currency column against the users' ID no. Made a variable of that and have two if statements running the text as below:


// query
mysql_select_db($database, $dbconnect);
$query_getusercurrency = "SELECT my_currency FROM ".$sitename."_users WHERE id = '$wsuserid'";
$getusercurrency = mysql_query($query_getusercurrency, $dbconnect) or die(mysql_error($dbconnect));
$row_getusercurrency = mysql_fetch_assoc($getusercurrency);
$totalRows_getusercurrency = mysql_num_rows($getusercurrency);

$variable = $row_getusercurrency;

if ($variable == "GBP" || "EUR"){
$display = "my text here";

if ($variable == "USD" || "JPY") {
$display = "my text here";

<p><?php echo $display; ?></p>

when it's processed on the web it only displays the first option no matter what the users currency has been set to, I tried an "if.. else" statement but then that activates the second option no matter the user.

So can anyone help me out on where i'm going wrong?

I'm no PHP expert but do you have to have a complete comparison for each item in the expression?


if ( ($variable == "GBP") || ($variable ==  "EUR") ){
$display = "my text here";

Thanks pty, that's cleared the problem up entirely, i think i've learned that same stuff can't be shortcutted

Thanks again.