I am currently using the PHPNuke portal (7.9) and I've been having some problems lately with my phpBB forums. I installed the system in January and have been tinkering around with it since. Everything has been running smoothly until a few weeks ago; my forums quit working.

For no apparent, to my view, reason they stopped. I can't figure out why it's not. I didn't do anything that would cause this. I can't even log into the phpBB admin page. I was going to try updating the phpBB because I'm only (or was running) version 2.0.19 (not exactly sure, but it was less than 2.0.20). The current version for phpBB is 2.0.22.

I was unsure on how to directly update phpBB with it being integrated into PHP Nuke.

I do know that it is accessing the database correctly because I have a block for PHPNuke that displays the last 10 threads in the forums. This block IS working, but the forums are not.

Site: http://www.lollerlan.com/nuke/modules.php?name=Forums

For some reason the forum module is redeclaring the <html> and <head> sections of the document. The forum is there, but the browser won't display it because of the html errors. You should probably reinstall the forum module without touching the database.

In general if you wanna update the forum you should get that update from the PHPNuke people, otherwise it will probably break.

I ended up just reinstalling PHP Nuke 7.9.

Thanks for the help.