once again i need your help, i am designing an online transaction system using dreamweaver 8, php 4 and mysql. i have already created database with mysql, and i want to connect that database with php. so am designing a dynamic wesite in which a customer visiting the site can buy products online and even send comments. the database include the products that the company sells. a customer will select a product(s) he wants, fill in the order form available and submit it for processing. in sumary this is a website used for online buying of goods.

i am therefore requesting if you could design it for me. i'll really appreciate your work. thank you.

You'll find that most people here will NOT design something for you, but they'll be more than happy to help you out with your design. I've found that having a good, detailed specification helps quite a bit. (For example, 'When the user clicks on "Add to cart," the item is added and the shoping cart is updated to reflect this.')

I could help you out ot finish your project for a fee of course. DO contact me.

i have no idea but i juz think how does online trading happen coz am writing a propoasal for a business plan where i will be carrying out online trading.how sure are u that no one is going to mess with ur bank accout,or u will get the goods u purchase online

Why on earth would you use PHP4?

You are far better to use an existing cart script. We are soon releasing our own GPL cart (worth waiting for).

Matti Ressler