I am looking for a scrolling solution for a site - I want to have images scrolling on the screen from when the page downloads and then offer the ability to show an enlarged pic by mousing over a thumb nail.

I am being told this is not possible as you can't track the relavite position of a pic when it is scrolling in this manner.

Can anyone help and tell me if this is correct or do you think it can be done?

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I don't know if you can do it but it might be possible to display images using the <marquee> tags and maybe hyperlink them to some kind of popup window.


<marquee behavior="alternate" onmouseover ="stop()" onmouseout ="start()">
this will work fo rscrolling images


The marquee tag does not work on any browser except Internet Explorer. It's one of Microsift's nonstandard features.

It is not part of any W3C doctype. Your page will not validate if you use it.

Do not use it.

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