I am looking for a software developer to develop a utility which is accessible on the web.
There is a program called Gentle Program which you can download from http://www.doremifasoft.com/gentlepiano.html. This reads a proprietary file format file ending in .lmz which allows you to read the sheet music.
I am looking for someone to write a utility which will convert a piano midi file (that has a bass and clef track, or maybe just one track that needs to be split into bass and clef tracks) into a .lmz file which can be read by Gentle Piano.
The utility should be web based so a user can upload the midi file. Then the converted .lmz file will be sent to their email.
Please let me know if you are interested in doing such a job. Please give an indication of time and cost and when you can start if you think you can do it. Payment would be made after the successful completion of the job.

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