I can't seem to find a tutorial or anything about this kind of registration form. It is extremely urgent, so any help is *greatly* appreciated.

Ok, i have a registration form needing to submit the following information:

DSN: userlogin

User_ID: i want this submitted to all the tables in my database. It's not an autonumber.

Align_Name: I want this submitted to the alignment table only.

And last, I want the email, password, and user_name submitted to the registration_form table.

Also if you have any other tips - THANKS! :)

This should get you started

<cfform Action= "Put the name of the page that your insert query is on" Method= "Post" Name="InsertCustInfo" enablecab="Yes">

First Name: <input type="text" Name="FName">
Last Name: <input type="text" Name="LName">
EMail: <input type="text" Name="Email">
UserName: <input type="text" Name="UserName"></td></tr>
Password: <input type="text" Name="Password">

<td><INPUT type ="Submit" Value ="Submit"></td>


Query page

<cfquery datasource="myDSN" name="GetCustInfo">

INSERT INTO CustTable (CustFirstName, CustLastName, CustAddress, CustCity, CustZipCode, UserName, Password, Password2)
VALUES ('#Form.FName#', '#Form.LName#', '#Form.Email#', '#Form.UserName#', '#Form.Password#')