if you can teach me php im me on aim or email me at ndw2004@hotmail.com

check out the PHP code snipits, ive got a few in there that you could use to study. also www.w3schools.com is a good site to learn a thing or two from.

heres the direct link to the w3schools php guide: http://www.w3schools.com/php/default.asp

also check out some PHP snippit style books, like the PHP cookbook, you can learn alot that way.

hey typo you gave me more info from any1 on this site thanx

static, if you need help with php-nuke let me know. i have a good knowledge of this software

There's a billion great tutorials out there. Do a quick search on google and im sure you'll find something usefull ..

whats a php nuke?

Google it :)

It's a CMS basically (content management system).

The way that I learned PHP was by immediately creating scripts that people requested, at different websites, such as www.vbulletin.org (vBulletin addons and mods).

That helped me to learn things and give me new creative ideas to script.

Try this book:

PHP and MySQL Web Development, Second Edition
by Luke Welling, Laura Thomson

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