I have been looking up some of this stuff in my book but I just can't seem to get it. Below is my code. If my username and password are correct I want to display the page (GetPictureFromUser.cfm) If the passwords do not match up I want to display the login screen (SignIn.cfm) The code below is on a page called (CheckLogin.cfm) which is where the signin.cfm information goes. Can anyone help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

<CFQUERY datasource="A9819_myDSN" name="login">
Select Username, Password
FROM CustTable
WHERE UserName = '#UserName#' and Password = '#Password#'

<CFIF IsDefined("URL.GetPictureFromUser.cfm")>
<CFIF getUserName.RecordCount IS 1>
<CFSET SESSION.loggedIn="yes">
<cfset session.username="#form.UserName#">
<CFLOCATION URL="GetPictureFromUser.cfm">

<CFLOCATION URL="index.cfm?failed=yes">
<CFSET StructClear(Session)>

<CFIF IsDefined("URL.failed")>
<CFSET session.errMsg="Login Failed, Try Again">
<CFELSEIF IsDefined("URL.notLoggedIn")>
<CFSET session.errMsg="Session expired">

<CFSET errMsg="">

I assume you are using this line of code <CFIF getUserName.RecordCount IS 1> to check if the login user and pwd was successful, however, getUserName is not the name of the query you have for checking that. "login" is what you named that query, so it should say <CFIF login.RecordCount IS 1> instead. Try that before debugging the rest of the code.