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What does $THIS-> actually do?

I'm advancing in OOP programming using PHP....
Please enlighten me on this or if you have resources that
explains all this in "ENGLISH"

Thanks Guys


Here is an example :

    class dummy {
        var $variable;
        var $variable2 = 1;
        var $variable3 = 2;
        function sum($one, $two) {
            $val = $one + $two;
            return $val;
        function sum2() {
            $val = $this->sum($this->variable2, $this->variable3);
            return $val;

The "$this" variable is a reserved variable in object-oriented PHP programming (translation - don't use it in your classes!) that actually does the inheritance. "$this->sum()" is basically interpreted as, "in this class, perform the sum() function." Like "$this->sum()", "$this->variable2" is interpreted as "in this class, use the value of 'variable2'." Likewise with $this->variable3. Note: all calls to native class functions or variables are done in this manner. Starting with "$this->" and followed by the name of the function or variable you wish to use. I can't stress the importance of that enough.


- Mitko Kostov


is reffering to the current class instance.
it allows you to differentiate between objects and can help speed up compile time as the compiler knows that $this-> is referencing an object in the document


var $num1;

function set_num($num1)
        $this->num1= $num1;

not only does it help the compiler but it helps visually as you can see where its exactly pointing to.