I have problems of designing Templates in ASP.net unlike in dream waver. But my neighbor remind me one site where I login last year it is the site of free professional asp.net templates so I Download SNIPPED it is so easier to use. But I want more rich templates can anyone help me??????????????

A template for asp.net is no different than a template for dreamweaver. You just need to be a bit more creative with it, converting input tags to the correct asp.net equivalent.

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This guy has two posts that advertise his template directory; hey, admin, you should do something about it, before he starts 100 posts advertising his site.

External website link removed, so the spam payload has gone while leaving the question which might possibly of interest to someone else.

try some search engine like google.com

search for templates,many free downloadable templates are available

open that and copy the source code to a new project file and run the template.