How to run web PHPscript in specified user, not in apache(default).

In linux you create user test, and he has rights like root.
Now you want to run, and script test.php is a execute script.
But by default scripts are treated like user apache,but apache hasent got enough rights to do test.php demand , and now i want that script will be executed by user test, which has the root rights.

Thanks for answer !!

michael123, since nobody has replied, I thought I might just answer to let you know that I struggled with how to run PHP apps with root privs WHEN NEEDED or to run as specific users. I'm trying to recall all the brick walls I ran into, but seems a major one was that I'd have to switch over to using PHP in CGI mode rather than as an Apache module. I was not willing to do that.

I built a PHP controlpanel for my hosting business, so I needed the app to be able to add new accounts and new domains to my server. But how could I do this without any root privs? What I ended up doing, which I'm very satisified with, is writing my PHP app to write a line into a "pending accounts" text file. I have a cron job that fires once a minute to see if the file exists. If it does, then it starts a PHP shell script that does the job -- as root. That script also deletes the pending file when complete. This would not be a perfect solution in a heavy, multi-user environment, but works perfect for my situation.

Maybe there is an "out of the box" solution to what you are trying to do?