I need your help.

I am trying to do a form for a new portion on the ehove website...and it's basically a form employers fill out about job openings...


is the page...

But, I have little experience with forms/php/asp/cgi...so i have i set up like, it opens up their email program (which most ppl dont have set up on their computer, like outlook or whatever).

But what I want is for it to post to my email in like a txt file or something...or on a server or someting without having the email program popup.

Have any suggestions or websites that could help me set this up?

Thankies! :$

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Chances are, you only have two options asp or cgi.

because the server is using asp, I assume it to be a windows based server, rather than unix/linux, and it probably doesn't have php installed (it could, but, that's rare).

There is a really handy tool here http://www.tele-pro.co.uk/scripts/contact_form/
Fill in the blanks there, and you will get the script built right there. you can copy and paste the code, into your source.

Once done, the user will click a submit button and you will be emailed from the server.

I have never used it, since I don't use email forms, rather insert all the information into a database, but, it looks like it will do the trick.

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