I have the following javascript:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">

// Global variables.
var numSeconds;
var timerId = null;
var timerInterval = 1000;
var numUpdates = 0;

// Handle OnLoad event.
window.onload = Window_OnLoad;

function Window_OnLoad()

// Starts the process for updating the Map.
function StartProcess()
    // 200 x 3 seconds = 600 seconds = 10 minutes demo.
    if ( numUpdates < 72 )
        // Duration between actual updates to the map in seconds.
        numSeconds = 3;
// Continues the process of updating the Map.
function UpdateMap()
    if ( numSeconds == 0 )
        // Clears the timer.
        // Update the Map control.
        var mapControl = document.getElementById("MapControl1");
        mapControl.doCallback("IncrementSales", "");
        // Restart the process.
        // Decrease the value for seconds.
        numSeconds = numSeconds - 1;
        // Continue the delayed process.
        timerId = self.setTimeout("UpdateMap()", timerInterval);

It works fine, when used on a standalone page, but when I am using masterpage and contentpages and I paste it into my content page (between <asp:content> and </asp:content> tags) it does not work. I'm a newbie at javascripts and I assume that there is something simple to correct. Could you please help me to make this script work under my content page?



This is probably to do with how the javascript is rendered (somewhere in the middle) in the completed page that goes to the browser.

I would put the javascript in a .js file. Then in the page_load event of the content page you can get a reference to the master (can't recall syntax off the top of my head but it's something like: Page.Master) then attach a script block using Master.ClientRegisterScriptBlock where the Src property is the relative path to the .js file.

Sorry I can't give exact code this very moment, If I get a chance I will post it.