ok I am kinda dumb so let me try to make sense

I am trying to do the following
1) I want to read an html file (Done invoked CFHTTP)
2) find a value in the file which is embedded between a <li>eg <li class=class>Value I am looking for </li> (Think I kinda got this part.
3) Now this is where it gets difficult for me, there are at any given time a random number of values between the <li> </li> I may have 12 <li> </li> today and 5 tmrw etc

I want to be able to read those values assign them a specific value then pass them to a file


<cfset start = FindNoCase('<li class=class>' , cfhttp.FileContent)+9>
<cfset strLength= FindNoCase('</li>' , cfhttp.FileContent)-start>
<cfset value = mid(cfhttp.FileContent,start,strLength)>

The problem is I want to be able to repeat that step and to have a unique value for each new instance where a value is found between the <li> and </li>

please help me guys.


Reply if this code is of any use for you.

<cfset test_data = "string variable having li tags">

<cfset test_data = Replace(test_data, "<li class=class>", "$@*","all")>
<cfset test_data = Replace(test_data, "</li>", "$@*","all")>

<cfloop list="#test_data#" delimiters="$@*$@*" index="item">
<cfoutput>#item#</cfoutput><br />