I am using WAMP5 tools with the following features on Computer1 with IP address and I have Windows XP Professional on this computer:
i) Apache 2.2.4 (SERVER)
ii) PHP 5.2.3 + PECL
iii) SQLitemanager
iv) MySQL 5.0.41
v) Phpmyadmin

I have a small LAN Network with 3 computers:
1. Computer1 with IP address: this is the computer which has the website and WAMP5
2. Computer2 with IP address:
3. Computer3 with IP address:
4. Computer4 with IP address:

Now I want to develop webserver among my network, I have made a website, and want to share it among my network computers, like computer2 open his browser and type the webserver address then the website should appear for that computer...

What should I do? to make this feature on my Local Area Network