I want to make a forum but how do i go about this i dont want a free one i want a proper one with the phpbb 3.0 but how does it work and how do i set it up and what do i need

any help would be apreciated

Actually phpBB 3.0 is free. You can download it here.

but when i download it what do i need and how do i set it up it people say its code but what do i need do i need hosting doamins ect and how do i get them and wht do i do sorry i am just a newbie please help

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then u ll sit on ur .... and start programming if you want your own code.

i dont know how to code so any help and advice would be much apreciated

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whats ur problem?
u dont know how to code and dont want others' scripts? funny :d

why are you so nasty have you seen your rep you doint have to be nasty all i want is help to program so dont be nasty this is a forum to help others not to be a pc snob

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who are you?? who told you that you could talk like this... snob

ok all i do is come to the forum and ask for help any help not insults please

Go to www.scriptinstaller.co.uk Tell him what you want and he will recommend the best script for your needs and install it for you. He is very good and works for low fees.

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