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First of all Tomcat is a WebServer and has a JSP/Servlet engine called Catalina to process JSP and servlet requests. It cannot process EJBs whereas, JBoss is an AppServer.
Second, you are trying to compare apples with oranges which does not make any sense.
So please first ask yourself what ur requirements are; i.e. do you want to deploy EJBs or do you jst want to run JSPs and servlets. There are many more things that should be considered like resource allocation in terms of memory usage, ease of use, start up time etc.


look I did not know I new to jsp I thought jBoss was another jsp server.....


Ok.. So to learn JSP and Servlets, it is always advisable to use Tomcat. Make yourself comfortable with it. Its pretty easy to use.


Tomcat is a web server.

Jboss is an application server.

If you want to use simple web applications with JSP/servlets you can prefer Tomcat.

If you want to use complicated web applications with JSP/servlets and EJBs you can go for JBoss.

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