Hi! I am doing some work for uni but having trouble doing it, in that I dont understand it or how to do it! and was wondering if anyone out there would be able to help.

I'm having to do a big project where I build a website based on 7 units of information, and one of them is PHP I have tried doing tutorials and all sorts and still dont get it. the deliverables (i think) are that i need to include php in my website so that it can produce tomorrows date, and process a form with book and meal info (i think thats right!) and also i have to demonstrate and explain using php templating on my site.
any help would be greatly appreciated!

Can you please explain what do you want?

this is my problem i dont even really get it! i tried finding the link for the page where the work is published but its not working! part one of the work says study a php function reference and then modify the phpinfor example so that it outputs only PHP licence information. next bit is write a php script which (using date and mktime) outputs tomorrows date. and the third bit is write an HTML form (with action GET) which asks the user for two variables - their favourite book and their favourite meal. use a php script to echo back out this information plus how many characters there are in each variable.

Probably the second and third bits are the more important ones. There is more to the work but i understand that!
Again any help greatly appreciated as i really dont get this stuff!