hi to all... giving support to my projects

now i came with another problem..

when i trying to pass the values to popup am using


in the popup

will it work??

it is not working for me..

coz will not post the form for popup...

my code is here

<textarea rows="4" cols="35" name="imgdescr1"><%= imgdescr1 %></textarea><br><br>
<textarea rows="4" cols="35" name="imgdescr2"><%= imgdescr2 %></textarea><br><br>
<textarea rows="4" cols="35" name="imgdescr3"><%= imgdescr3 %></textarea><br><br>
<textarea rows="4" cols="35" name="imgdescr4"><%= imgdescr4 %></textarea>

my popup call is here

<input type="button" name="B5" value="<%= strText_AdPreview %>" class="buttons" 

in the popup form i wrote like this

descr1 = request.form("imgdescr1")

will it work..

help me to sort out this prob....

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thank you for ur interest on my prob...

i already figured out this prob and forgot to update here as solved....

actually i used javascript for retrieving the values from the form to popup..

hw the values will come by the request.form or request.querystring commands without posting the form..??

for popup i didnt post the form simply i want to display as a html.. so i used javascript..

thank you again......

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