Okay, I'm working on a small project for my daughter's class at school. They have a fundraiser running right now and they want to post their fund raiser data on the their school website. What they want is this, they want a page listing each student and the amount that they've managed to raise so far along with a ranking.

Something like this:

Teresa H. $85 #1
Jana L. $84 #2


This i've already accomplished. But they also want the ability to list the students alphabetically, which I can do also, but they each name to be clickable with a link to a page about that student containing information about their particular fundraising efforts. I guess a blog of sorts. And I have this written as well. The only thing I can't figure out is how to add each individual ranking to the individual pages.

To get the ranking above, I just select all the data from the db and use mysql_numrows($result); with a loop to get the "ranking" but I can't seem to figure this out when I have to use a select statement that requires that the userid be a match. Example:

$query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM students where uid =$uid") 
  or die(mysql_error());

Now how do I re-write my select statement to get my overall ranking for each student on their individual page?

Here's the basic db structure also:

uid, student_name, total_raised, homeroom

"total_raised" is the field that I'm using to get my Ranking.

Any help would be great b/c I'm stumped on this.

You cannot determine the position of a record by selecting it alone.

The best idea, I think, is to save the ranking to the database as well. For example, upon the payment you can recalculate them and save to he database.

How about something like:

select count(*)
 from students
where total_raised > (select total_raised from students where uid=$uid)

This should tell you how many students have total_raised greater than the student you're looking at on your individual page... which should be equal to the ranking.

It should also handles ties just fine.

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