Hello, all-- Our ASP.NET 2003 app's primary screen uses a datagrid with clickable headers for sorting by column. There is a "user control" with two list boxes from which the user filters the datagrid rows. I added a textbox in the user control -- changed nothing else* -- and now clicking on a datagrid header does nothing. The new textbox is set to autopostback.

Any ideas? I'm happy to provide any helpful details. THANK YOU in advance!


*Note: The new textbox is for the user to assign a purchase order number, so it is not used to change the datagrid's dataset.

It's hard to say just based on what you said but one thing I did have a couple of times with VS2003 is that I lost controls event bindings after saving changes in the designer. Check the Initialization event and make sure your grid is still connected to the events...

Hello, Shaul-- I'm relieved to see your post. I was just getting to post my own reply saying the Handles dgCatalog.SortCommand had disappeared from my code-behind. It happened to some custom "filter" event handlers, too.

Anybody out there know why this happens? Is the VS designer overrated or what? (I've had trouble with it adding stuff, too.)

I'm downloading the Visual Studio 2008 Pro demo now...have been waiting for it all week. Can't wait to see what chaos it will create for me next.



Yeah... the Visual Studio designer is nice... sometimes.

I've had it do all kinds of crazy things, like make new EventHandlers when there's nothing at all wrong with the one you already built. It's just one of the quirks I've come to live with...