save as .rtf(rich text format) and retrive it(dispaly in rich text box)


good day guys.!

I just want to know on how to save to a .rtf(rich text format) file the content of the rich text box created in vb6 with pictures & text. I also want to retrieve the content of the .rtf file being created and display it again in a rich text box in vb6. Would this be possible?

Thank you for giving time..

Gosd bless us all.


Is there not a RTB.SaveAs or SaveFile or Save property? And if so, why have you not pressed F1 to read all about it? :)

Good Luck


Use RichTextBoxName.SaveFile(pathname) and RichTextBox.LoadFile pathname. The default file format is RTF.


thank you for the suggestion..Ive just solved this problem yesternight.

Question Answered as of 5 Years Ago by SCBWV and vb5prgrmr
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