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In this tutorial I will be showing you how to create the perfect studio lighting for your 3D models in blender3D. I am going to assume you know how to use the interface. **Introduction** Now in the past blender was well known for being crap at rendering and most professional users would look upon blender artists in disgust. Not now, with the additional of 'cycles' blender's very own unbiased render engine we can produce studio quality images. Read more to find out how. **Studio setup** ![a69a9e96b8d8fc1a197a672760bde206](/attachments/large/0/a69a9e96b8d8fc1a197a672760bde206.png "a69a9e96b8d8fc1a197a672760bde206") We are going to create the above studio setup.Open blender and add a …

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