So I've had a media server for a while using Plex as the software with a Terra Master as the hardware. I've become dissatisfied with both for various reasons and I'd like to make my own, but I'm also open to Plex alternatives recommendations. What I want to do is replace the Terra Master with a small frame computer running Linux rather than the Linux based Terra Master OS. When using Plex I just launch the Plex app on my roku TV and it find the Plex server in my house. But if I create my own media server I don't know that the best way of building, or getting my media server user interface on my TV. I don't want to use a keyboard/mouse connected to my servers that's simply displaying on my TV, rather, I want to be able to continue to just use a remote, preferably the Roku remote but I'm open to using a 2nd remote for the media server. Also, what the best way to build an interface? As much as I hate PHP and web development, building a PHP driven page to list my ripped movies seems like the simplest approach. If I wanted to make sure the movie streamed via UDP over TCP, I also have no idea how I would accomplish that. Any suggestions. I think I'm done with Plex, or at least I hope to be. Thanks.

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You could try the free DivX Media Server

It's not quite standard (whatever that means) but it might do the trick. I use it for casting to my ChromeCast. However, it is non-standard enough that I can't use it to stream to my Oculus Quest 2 using BigScreen.

As a side note, I discovered that I could use BigScreen Remote Desktop to accomplish essentially the same thing.

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Out of curiosity, can you explain what you don't like about Plex?

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I'm just looking at using VLC as a media server under Windows. I would imagine it has the same functionality under linux. If I can get it running I'll post the steps here.

I'm about to have a look at You might want to look as well.

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I've used Plex for years with servers on Mac, M1 Mac, Windows, QNAP and Synology; clients on Mac, IOS, iPadOS (including remote access over internet), Apple TV, Chromecast, LG Television. Metadata, subtitles etc all solid. And it's free.
What more are you looking for?

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I found Plex to be like using a cannon to kill a fly. If you want something with a small footprint and not overburdened with options and features you'll never need try the Universal Media Server I mentioned earlier. I had it installed and configured in minutes and it does everything I want.

I may be mistaken, but I seem to recall you need to create an account (free) to use Plex, and log in. UMS runs locally with no required account or login. You can also run it as a Windows service (which I do not).

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That sounds just about like what I'm looking for

If that is what you are looking for then please mark this thread as solved.

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