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Friends i need code to search the datas... I'm doing INVENTORY project... i'm using ACCESS databse with vb.net... i'm having purchase, sales tables... THIS IS MY PURCHASE TABLE: Code Price Category Type Dat SP Brnd 11 222 cde bgf 9/10/2025 356 asd 12 255 MEN Shirt 5/10/2010 355 Vanhesun 55 …

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I'm trying to prevent the user from purchasing any share, if the cash in his/her account is less than the desired stock cost (price * shares). However, I'm getting the following error: Warning: mysql_query() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/jharvard/vhosts/pset7/public/buy.php on line 39 Here is the …

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Hi., I have more than 10 products (Non-consuable with hosted content) in my ios app. I want to add an option purchase all items. Is there any possible ways to purchase all products in a single buy option (including downloads). Thanks

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Dear all , I want a purchase order form where item , description ,unit price , quantity and amount an additional on load discount field has to be present which will be disabled from putting inputs . The value will directly come from the database depending upon the count value …

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Make money from games using Choke Point strategy. Something you are already familiar with, explained here from a different perspective.

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HI TO ALL, In purchase order level we can generate barcode for those purchases automatically. Please suggest code or any software to overcome this problem. THANKS IN ADVANCE...

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Hi. I'm trying to make a site where people can purchase zip files. The zip files will be made on-the-fly. My question is: [B]how do I restrict access to the files? I need to make it where the zip file can only be downloaded once, and it can only be …

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Hi folks, I'm planning to purchase a laptop which fulfill my requirements. My laptop use will be for programming(C/C++/embedded/graphics/system) and multimedia(songs, movies etc) and Also I need a machine at my hometown(I goes to my hometown frequently, on alternate weekends) Currently, I've a desktop with following specifications.. Procesor: Intel Core …

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If I have an application written in Java, how can I make it available for purchase/download on my website? Namely, how do I obscure the source code so it can't be viewed, yet enable it to be executed by any machine (including ones that don't have the JVM installed)?

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[URL="http://content.dell.com/us/en/corp/d/secure/2010-08-16-ir-release.aspx"]Dell announced today[/URL] that it has reached an agreement with the California based data storage company [URL="http://www.3par.com/index.html"]3PAR[/URL], to purchase the company for a total price tag of $1.15 Billion.[ATTACH=RIGHT]16668[/ATTACH] Dell hopes that this move will help the computer giant cut its own data storage costs by as much as 50%. …

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Hi everybody I am developing an application in asp.net mvc where i need to have Chat application intergrated in the web page. The chat application should be able to support group chat, private chat, simple file transfer and user should be able to create their own rooms. Can u people …

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