Does anyone have a example of a Purchase order form that allows multiple line items and pricing

Charlie Crimmel

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Hi Charlie,

I don't actually have an example for you, but you can check this site out Free Programming Resources.

These guys have php souce code for just about anything. Hope it helps:)

Thanks,but I didnot see anything like I needed.

I need a form like (see attached jpg)
I do know even how to start it.
Is there a form wizard that might help me get started>

Any help appreciated
Charlie Crimmel

I am not sure if there are any wizards, all I can suggest is that you google PHP source code and just do some searching? There are plenty of good sites out there that have heaps and heaps of readily available php source code for you to use. I am sorry I cant be much more of help to you:)

I have same query as above. I need Purchase Order with Master Detail Tables need help

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