Hi friends,

can anyone advise on a budget inkjet printer that I could purchase with cartridges that don't cost a fortune to replace!

Speed is not a priority.

Using Windows Xp (Home).

Many thanks x x

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Well, you need to give us some more info..

Do you want just a printer, or an all-in-one?
How many pages you usually print?

Are you happy to refill catridges or you want new ones? I'd say HP is economic, but if you do mostly colour, go with a Canon, they usually have 3 separate tanks for colour these days.


Depends on how much printing you do? If it's a resonable amount, i would say, bite the bullet and go for a cheaper laser printer. It may be more expensive than an inkjet, but they tend to be more reliable, last longer and the toner can keep going much longer than ink. If you need it for colour picture printing, go for a canon inkjet, but then take a look at the colour lasers that are around, they coming down in price rapidly.

Have fun.


I agree with Cat...
The Cannon are the most cost effective because they do not have the print head incorperated into the cartridge. The have a resovoir which is easy to refill.. and is clear so you can see when it gets low, and seperate print heads.
You can go with a higher end Cannon because it will save you money in print cart's in the long run.

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