I believe we should(forum members) write book reviews ourselves and post it review sections rather than giving links to amazon.com or any other similar websites. I guess everyone knows the book reviews are out in those websites. If we write reviews ourselves it will make daniweb distinct and look impressive. Daniweb should only give away the link to buy it from. For example, if someone likes the review and decides to buy a particular book he can clik on the link to the amazons to actually buy it. This way I think daniweb can actually generate some revenue as well. Well, that is just my suggestion. What do u people think? I just think giving only links to book reviews is only a temporary solution.

Definitely. What you're suggesting is what the book reviews forums are there for. They are not meant to be a place to simply post links.

yup, and that's why I wasnt very happy to see links instead of texts in C++ book review section. I thought atlast i m goin to see some book review from our dear forum members , but I have been let down. Well, i think the links are only temporary solutions.