Ok, so here is what i have been trying to get an answer to for a long time.
when you are browsing the forum, from page 1, you see no post to respond to, you move on to, page 3 See attachment #4 you click on a post to make a responses See attachment #2. once you type your response and submit it, your post shows up at the bottom. So you are done with that and want to go back to page 3 but there is no way of getting Directly back to page 3. You would have to click on one of these link See attachment #5 which will take you back to page 1, basically the start, then you have to click the page 3 button to continue on page 3.

If I was to use the browser back button to get back to page 3 a few things happens
1: I will be taken back to where i had just type my response to the previous post. then another click on back will take me to page 3
2: the Post i just responded to, will show bold as if i had never read it. See attachment #3
3: said post will be in the same position. and not at the #1 page at the top showing that it was just responded to ( to other it might show) but using the back button gives this effect.

Is there any way to keep you on page 3 or what ever page you are currently viewing instead of going back to page one then clicking on the number for the page you want to get back to.

When you're on the forum (thread listing page), right click on the link to the thread title and select to open it in a new window or open it in a new browser tab. Do your thing with that thread, then return to your other browser window to continue wher you left off.

After you've made a post, there's no way for it to remember exactly where you were two pages ago and take you right back there.

Ok. i see what you are getting at. and that work. but you now have some home work to do. On how to make this work huh.

Just refresh the page after you go back.