I streeeetched this site so that the main table holding everything is 850px wide instead of 750px. That means that it doesn't work at 800x600 resolutions anymore!

Is this bad? :'( Or better? ;D What resolution are you using?

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Thanks, raw! I'm glad to see that the site isn't too horrible for 800x600 peeps - makes me feel a bit better ;D


Nope! It won't be! I actually had a reason for stretching it this much ...

If you visited the Members Listing page ... with all those columns listing everyone's emails and websites and such, the smallest I was able to get the table was a lil bit over 800px! When all the rest of the pages had a width of 750px, the whole site was stretched when you viewed the members listing. Therefore, I made everything 850px so that one particular page isn't abnormally stretched.

A second reason, also. It's a lot easier to view the timestamps for the message index and board index (that extra 100px prevents the wraparound)


One more thing ... from experience, 1024x768 isn't too bad on a 15" monitor ;D

It might look a bit small at first, but give it a chance for a week and it'll be real tough to go back! You wouldn't believe how much more room you gain.


Gosh 2 out of 2 ppl so far at 800x600 ... and I thought that resolution was passee :D


Well, this is no longer a problem ... the site has been redone to stretch the full width of whatever size window you happen to be using.


Heh, your always redoing everything ;-).

I answered 1600x1280 in the poll, but that isn't the complete truth. I run dual monitors. Monitor 1 (Primary) runs at 1600x1280, and my second monitor runs at 1280x1024, but that wasn't a choice ;-).

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