Do you guys think we should take out the Links Section for each topic? Not too many people post in them (besides me) unless for a few replies, so I think we should combine them with the other sections. What do you guys think?

I agreee... they can be incorporated into the other topics. For example, if I have a good Novell link, I can just post it in the Novell area.

i like the idea of a separate area for links, it makes it a lot easier for a quick references - of course the flip side is that it takes more time to make a reply post on a topic and then to make a "link" post. is there anyway to automatically catalog links? some time of script to automatically search posts for "http:/" or "www," select and copy to first space to the right & list?

I just think it should be taken out because it doesn't receive as many posts as other sections. It's kind of pointless if we have a section where it receives hardly any posts... at this point anyways. I still like the idea, but I don't think it's worth it when the sections receive about three posts a month.

By the way, Aeinstein, do you work for Cablevision? :P

move the links section down towards/at the bottom of the page? might be a moot point as i'm still surfing the new site layout to see where things are. cablevision? whats that agency the replies with a "No Comment" in regards to the most trivial of inquiries - CIA? FBI? NSF? hmmm, regardless i'all neither confirm nor deny your question because i dont think it belongs on a public board (and no, i wont pm u with the answer either! ;)) 8)