Some of you may have noticed the color changes made to DaniWeb just recently. The goal of this was to help navigation by giving each section its own color - almost like making mini-sites out of DaniWeb.

Something else was done to promote this same idea. The "Today's Posts" link which appears in the navigation bar is now forum specific. This was actually a feature requested by quite a few of you.

So suppose you are a Mac junkie. You can now go into the Mac forum, click the Today's Posts link, and see a listing of all of the most recent mac threads from all of the mac subforums. It will also work if you want to quickly check out all the latest Programming threads, Tech Talk threads, etc.

To see all of today's latest threads, simply visit a non-forum-specific area of the site, such as the homepage or forum index. Then click the Today's Posts link.

<< update >> I just added this forum-specific feature to unanswered threads. I really hope this will entice many of you with knowledge in a particular subject to instantly view all unanswered threads froum a forum or subforum you know about, and to help other members out who have not yet had their questions answered.

I noticed the color change but I had not yet noticed the Todays Post option. I like both of them and think they are a very good addition to the site.

The links for Today's Posts and Unanswered Threads were just changed an hour ago :) I'm glad you are giving them positive feedback. While I got a few requests to add this feature, I was afraid some people would find it inconvenient.

Actully i was kinda hoping you would just yesterday.

EDIT: What do you mean you updated the unawsered threads? :(

If you're browsing the mac forum and click the Unanswered Threads link, all of the unanswered threads are mac related. ;) This way, if you want to help out those members who need help, just go to the forum of a topic you know a lot about, and click Unanswered Threads. All the unanswered questions will be related to that subject :)

Nice touch Dani. I like it a lot :)

Ooh goodie :) More positive feedback.

Is this an error I was viewing my Vending Machine game thread and I clicked todays posts and at the bottom it had an "Hello Post" from gerhana1(I think I mispelled that) and it said yesterday for the last post date, and its supposed to be "Todays" post???

The Today's Posts link shows posts from the past 24 hours. So if it is 11 pm on Wednesday, it will show all posts since 11 pm on Tuesday.

Right I get it see Im not that fast of think when it comes to that. :lol:

I particularly like the forum-specific unanswered threads :)

I actaully love the changes, I'm just not used to them. They only one that I have to take with a grain of salt is.... is that I'm now known as a posting whiz.... as opposed to a techie whiz. I liked being a techie :cool:

The reason for the change is in this thread: [thread]18901[/thread]